Just because you have a high prescription doesn’t mean that you need to resign yourself to heavy eyeglasses that don’t make you feel or look good. Here are some pro-tips from the optical department at Vision Care Associates…

  • Always choose high index plastic lenses! In the past, strong prescriptions meant thicker, heavier lenses. This can give your glasses a “coke bottle” appearance. High index plastic lenses have greatly improved this, making lenses much thinner and lighter.
  • Avoid rimless and semi-rimless frames, the thickness of your lens will be much more noticeable.
  • Avoid large frames, choose glasses that have a smaller lens area. The wider the frame the higher the tendency for the lenses to stick out. Prescription lenses for myopes are concave, they are thicker on the edges, thinner in the center. A large, rectangular frame will show the thick edges of the lens much more than a small, round frame. Make sure your eyes are centered in the lens and that the lens doesn’t extend out  to the sides of the face where distortion is more noticeable to others.
  •   Plastic frames will hide a thick lens better than a metal frame. At Vision Care Associates we offer high-tech frame materials like SPX from Silhouette or 3D printed polyamide frames from Götti that give the bold look of plastic without all the weight.
  • We always recommend an anti-reflective coating!  Anti-reflective coatings help repel dust and fingerprints, reduce scratches, they can help protect eyes from harmful blue light AND they make your glasses more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ask one of our talented opticians to style you! We will help you choose a frame that is appropriate for your prescription and the perfect style to make you smile!