Are you one of nearly 39 million people that suffer from migraines? Introducing Avulux migraine and light sensitivity lenses!

Our office is happy to start implementing a brand new lens technology to allow for the relief of migraines. These lenses are able to filter out 97% of the most harmful light (blue, red and amber wavelengths) while allowing soothing green light in. Studies have shown that light alone can cause up to 60% of migraines.

Avulux lenses have no side effects and don’t distort color perception, enabling you to manage light comfortably without affecting your quality of life. These lenses can be made into both prescription and non-prescription and put into any frame.

We have a few employees with firsthand experience using this technology and they’d be more than happy to share their thoughts! Make sure to stop by our office or ask about these lenses at your next appointment!