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22407 West 66th Street
Shawnee KS, 66226
Phone: (913) 441-3937
Fax: (913) 441-3938
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Monday: 8:30am-5:00pm
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As a fully licensed and equipped optometric practice, Vision Care Associates offers a complete range of eye care services to all our patients.

Whether the eye care issue involves correcting refractive errors with eyeglass or contact lenses or helping a student find fashionable frames, our experienced team will identify and implement the best eye care solutions possible.

Eye Health Evaluation

Despite what many people believe, 20/20 vision does not equal healthy eyes. Many blinding eye conditions have no symptoms in their early stages. With our years of experience in diagnosing and treating such typical vision disorders as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia, presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, Drs. Arnold and Franken and their team are equipped to provide appropriate therapeutic medical eye care. At the same time, the VCA team offers a wide array of the very best, highest-quality eye care products at reasonable prices. Our patients never pay more than necessary for the best quality in eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, progressive and bifocal lenses.

Medical History

Understanding both you and your family’s medical health history is a vital part of your eye exam. Many seemingly unrelated medical problems can, in fact, lead to severe eye complications. The list of medical conditions that can lead to eye problems ranges from, but is not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, intestinal disorders, arthritis and cholesterol among many others. The medications that you take may also have adverse affects on your eyes.

Lifestyle History

You use your eyes every waking minute of every day. It is critical that the doctor understands exactly how you use your eyes so that you may achieve the clearest, most comfortable, relaxed vision for every task you perform. Think about it. Computer users have much different visual needs than golfers. Airline pilots have different needs than a seamstress. We ask the right questions to provide you with the right solution for your individual needs.

Digital Eye Imaging

See what the doctor sees! Did you ever wonder what the inside of your eye looks like? Well now you can see. We use state of the art digital photography to document your eye health and enable you to see the inside health of your eyes. This cutting edge technology allows the doctor to monitor for future changes.

Patient Consultation

Did you ever have a doctor that failed to discuss your condition or his/her findings with you? At Vision Care Associates, you will be given explanations to all tests performed and all findings noted during the course of your exam. You will be given ample opportunity to ask questions and will be given a clear plan of action to address your problems.

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is the newest advancement in refractive therapy options. CRT allows you to see clearly during the day without glasses or contact lenses. Specially designed therapeutic lenses gently reshape the front surface of your eye while you sleep. Previously, if you were nearsighted and wanted to see clearly during the day, your options were glasses, contacts, or laser surgery. CRT offers a new non-surgical solution. No more worry about broken frames or torn contact lenses. Additionally, while LASIK has been approved only for those over 18 years of age, CRT is ideal for our younger patients who are active in sports and do not like the hassle of glasses or contacts.

Treatment of Eye Disease

If you are diagnosed with an eye disease, you want only the best treatment available to get your eyes healthy again. At Vision Care Associates, we offer only the best. Based on your diagnosis, we may recommend a wide variety of approaches, including prescription medicines, therapy and vision exercises, or medical procedures.

Good Eyecare Begins With A Yearly Exam!

Although many don’t realize it, the best way to protect your vision is with a yearly eye checkup. Even a basic eye exam can instantly detect such health-threatening conditions as tumors, vascular irregularities and diabetes-related injury to the retina. At Vision Care Associates, that basic checkup is brief and painless.

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